Chicken George's Tribute Page!

-Who is George Boswell?
Chicken George is a member of CBS' Big Brother 2000 show. While watching the show, admittedly religiously, I became touched by the level of emotion, commitment, and cohesiveness George brought to the house. He is a very kind man, and a father figure to the houseguests. His town also touched me, as they rallied to suppport him (as did his family, who are missing him greatly but showing a brave face as his efforts in the house continue into their second month).

-So, what is this site?
It's a meeting place for supporters and well-wishers of George. Right now, it isn't much. But I have provided the meat-and-potatoes already, and will continue to add to it and upgrade it daily.

-What's the deal with this message board?
That is the point of the site. All messages the guestbook collects will be forwarded to George through the mayor's office of his hometown as soon as he emerges from the Big Brother house. It's my way of giving back to him for the entertainment and warmth he has given to us over the course of our nightly episodes. I have no advertising on this site, nor do I want any. I want no money or compensation for my efforts here. I merely want George to see the massive support he missed in his Big Brother isolation.

So leave a message in the guestbook, and tell your friends about the shrine! I want to collect as large an amount of messages as I can! and thanks for stopping by...

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